I can’t wait until 2020 is hindsight

I’d hoped to update before now, and to have something to share. Cover art is about to be created for my book, and everything is taking longer than it should. Some of this is my fault, the rest is circumstances.

Last year, I wrote about the perfect storm of perfect storms that was about to roll up on our shores, and honestly, even then I had thought it was “near future” not tomorrow that we would see the effects of climate change hitting. Then Australia was on fire at the beginning of the year and now the southwestern U.S. where I live is going the same way. There are nearly 100 major fires burning over here at this moment in time. Ice shelves have collapsed, it’s been one of the busiest hurricane seasons on record already, and fall and winter are going to be rougher than years past for many reasons aside from the once in a century pandemic.

When I last remembered to blog, it was not yet known how devastating this disease was, or how badly our current administration would handle it. It was back in late April/Early March when I expected to be doing some new things, and then my kids stayed home after spring break. They’re still at home. The school district here has been doing a fairly good job with online schooling, but we may have now reached a point where if they insist on requiring my girls to go on campus for any reason–even just testing–I’m going to have to withdraw them. It’s not as if what they’re proposing is safe right now–in Israel they are about to lock down AGAIN. Schools became a major vector for them after they rushed to reopen. You would think that school administrators and elected officials here would consider that and other examples around the world to be “teaching moments”, and respond accordingly, especially in states with high infection rates such as AZ. But, you might be wrong. We shall see.

On the writing front, I did receive good feedback from my editor on the poetry book, and that will be out in Q4 sometime. The revisions on the novel will take much more time. I’ve got no time table on that, I just want to get it right. Once the collection is out, I’ll be working on that, and there are a couple other projects I will be pitching for different media. It is hard to find motivation some days to work on these with everything else going on in the world, but the creative work does help with my depression.

I sincerely hope that all of you that read this stay healthy and safe throughout the rest of this dark year. Wear a damn mask. Do your part. Remember that we are all in this together.