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It has been an eventful few months.

I’m working on several things at the moment now that we’re approaching something resembling normalcy. I hope everyone is safe and vaccinated, and doing well. This is just a quick post because I’ve been neglecting the blog.

In early October I had a breakthrough Covid infection and had to quarantine for a couple weeks. I’ve been vaxxed since my age group was eligible, so fortunately I did not have to go to the hospital, but that was an unexpected and unpleasant surprise. We had managed to avoid it all this time, and then one brief interaction of probably less than a minute brought it home. But luckily, out of our family of four I was the only one who tested positive.

During that time I was resting I did a little work on some of my creative projects. There are several story lines I’ve been writing, a couple in scripts that will be making their way to a rep’s desk sooner than later, a game story line with many branching conversations, a series of short films that I want to see made, and a few other notes on different ideas. Just before this mandatory sick leave I did see a proof of Counterfeit Collective in it’s ready-for-printing format, which was cool, but it may not be available for a little while. Interestingly, this year some things have changed even for print media. There was a rule book we were waiting on for a particular tabletop role playing game and it has been delayed due to various issues from costs of certain supplies to shortages in the supply chain itself. At least in that case we got a preview PDF copy of the book as it is now (it is still not yet through final editing) so we know what the new rule set is. That is good, especially if you are planning to run a new chronicle and hope to stream that whole adventure on one or more platforms.

I wish there was more I could share right now, but we’ve been dealing with a few issues that are slow to resolve. Just the ubiquitous things we all have to deal with in this day and age, like medical insurance not paying for things they should (not even related to the Covid 19 case), decisions about exactly how/when/where we are going to “retire” in a few years. Yes, I put that word in quotes because it’s a myth of American life that we might get to “retire” at some point…where kids are going to college, how to pay for that, etc., etc. Our youngest will graduate in 2024, and we are staying where we are only to give them some stability after all those moves and deployments earlier in life. Once they’re ready to go on to university, we are (or should be) moving on to where we want to be.

So somewhere in the next few updates, I’ll share where interested persons can find a print copy of Counterfeit Collective, when (roughly) to expect a follow up, where we will be streaming some of our role-playing shenanigans, and some of what goes into preparing for an indie film project. There are a few other things I would love to find time for, but we’ll have to see what happens!

It’s good to be able to breathe again. And to have energy. We really shouldn’t take those things for granted. Stay safe everyone. May the Force be with you all. Always.

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