Y’all need to get right with ZEN

We are almost to the Point of No Return.

I’ve actually been looking forward to it because so many of the people I know are so completely full of shit, and so deeply in denial that I may be in danger of overdosing on Schadenfreude whenever the scales finally fall from their eyes.

Some of the truth will come out in court, some in the congressional investigations, but all of the bills are about to come due.

I remarked at some point in 2020 that the cops abusing their authority during the BLM protests brought guns, tear gas, and rubber bullets to a live streaming camera fight. A lot of people in law enforcement and politics badly underestimated what they were dealing with. There were sound reasons that we saw a Wall of Vets, and the Wall of Moms standing between the protesters and the police. I watched as many of those streams as I could. We saw plenty of attempts by various individuals to lie on Faux News about was actually happening…but we have video! We can just roll the tape. Many of those cases are coming up as well.

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve had a series of disturbing conversations with several people. They still don’t get it. All of them can believe whatever they want, but their belief doesn’t make it truth. Courts don’t run on rhetoric, they run on evidence. Lawyers that took part in the alleged election fraud lawsuits have already been sanctioned by the courts for their lack of professionalism. When you allege fraud you have to present evidentiary support for whatever fraud you are claiming took place. If you don’t have any, you get thrown out of court. If you ignore the warnings of the court, and continue trying to bullshit your way through the same case sixty different times, you will then get disciplined by the courts or the bar association, or both.

This year and probably next we’ll have weirdly mirror image court cases involving protests and assaults. Assaults by police on citizens, and by citizens on police. Some of our finest hack politicians will attempt to conflate things, as if property damage at a protest is somehow morally equivalent to attempting to overthrow your government. This is America. We sometimes burn things down celebrating Sportsball championship victories. Trying to gin up outrage by saying “Remember the Portland CVS” is not going to cut it here. A mob of White Walkers smashed up the capitol and killed four people. They were trying to stop the electoral vote count. Don’t try to pretend they weren’t. They openly said what they were there to do. Lying about it now won’t work. The court of public opinion won’t be deciding any damn thing here. All of these matters will get settled one way or another in really real for realsies court.

What I’ve noticed over this past year, is that a lot of people are having trouble adapting to change. We don’t have a choice. The cameras we have everywhere are the most obvious example of technology that is shifting everything in the landscape of our culture. This is why so many Karens have gotten their comeuppance whenever they tried to pull their usual bullshit in public. We can all Go Live! right now. You can go viral, or you can fucking behave like everyone else.

If that kind of instant accountability troubles you, you might be on the wrong side of history.

You might be perpetuating some antiquated attitudes in some aspect of your life. Most of us do. It can’t be helped if you and I were raised in a different time, but our future behavior can be helped. If we can change with the times. Our circle of friends will be wider if we include other cultures and different outlooks.

Those disturbing conversations I mentioned…they are all with or about people who are having trouble adapting to changes. I’ve mentioned before that I deleted Facebook years ago, and also unfollowed most of my family, in-laws, and many friends on Twitter and other places. Some of them morphed over the years into Angry old Men (and Women!) Yelling at Clouds online. It was all some of them did, all day every day on every platform they were on. This social media thing also is new. It has had an effect on how we perceive the world. How we relate to it and each other. Some of us have developed an addiction to the rage machine part of the world wide web.

So there we were, trying to have nice, pleasant conversations about wine, what the kids were up to, the weather, what some other friends were up to, how is everyone doing, etc., when we ran right into a neighbor raging over an Olympian, a family member decrying “wokeness” and a mutual acquaintance who may have gone completely Qwazy… there was also a little light transphobia and homophobia in the mix there somewhere. (There is too much, I am summing up). Some of these angry comments came right out of the blue, some were their usual rantings, and some were just quick changes of the subject of conversation maybe because they just can’t help themselves.

Nobody gained anything from any of that. It was mostly just annoying.

I’ve already spent too much time on this. I’ve got to go and take care of things in the real world. But before I do I just want to make note of a few other things.

It may be that some of my friends and family members just lack some experiences in life that might have prepared them for the more modern world we are heading towards. I mentioned back in 2019 that we now have some technology that is game-changing. It is starting to remake our world right now.

We have 3D printed houses now. Some print in place, and depending on the size/complexity of the floor plan they can print in as little as 24 hours.

We have 3D printed cars now.

We have AI driven trucks now.

We have robots that can stock shelves now.

We have cashierless stores now.

We have robocops patrolling streets now. (also robo-K9s)

The last cool looking prototype robot I saw was a crop harvesting machine.

So, while you all have been wasting your time with your bullshit culture wars, the next industrial revolution is upon you.

The folks who have only been telling you what you want to hear are going to have an increasingly smaller pool of working class people to pander to.

What comes next is going to be interesting.

We will have to make that evolutionary leap very soon now.

Masks & Mirrors

This has to be the weirdest Halloween Season of my lifetime. People have been wearing masks everywhere for months now, and will be for many months after. I’ve got plans as I do every year for All Hallows Eve, yet they may take place only here at the house.

Our plan is to have our own little Halloween here at the hacienda, not attend any parties, and if anyone stops by for Trick or Treating, that’s fine. I will wear my plague doctor mask underneath my costume mask and hand out the good stuff as usual. It will be the first non school night Halloween in a few years now and before all this pandemic related chaos I had been looking forward to it. We always go all out for Halloween. In 2017 I was Spiderman (AGAIN), in 2018 it was a months long quest to assemble the best Darth Maul costume I could, complete with the most screen accurate lightsaber which by itself set me back hundreds of dollars. For 2019 I put together a Leon Scott Kennedy cosplay starting with an actual police officer uniform as a base, and authentic tactical gear, just to go the extra mile. This year’s costume will be less elaborate.

Symbolically, a lot of masks have been coming off people and institutions this year. I suspect a few more will fall this Halloween Season and in the next few months. Some of our friends and family may not react well to this. In all honesty, I’ve cut myself off from quite a few people over the last few years, because they are delusional. We are almost to the point where some major illusions are going to be shattered once and for all. Of course, some people will still cling to them, like those poor old Soviets that missed Stalin until their own dying days. But the rest of us, who can still see reason will have to pick up the pieces and move forward as best we can. To put it in appropriate Spooky Season terms, the light of the new moon will show us some things in the darkness we didn’t want to see, and the full moon on the night itself will reveal some very bad news for our freakshow economy.

There. That is my formal Fortune Teller prediction for Halloween 2020. Perhaps, like that time in second grade when one of my teachers read my palm before Trick or Treating and told me I would go to college, get married and have two kids, it will be eerily accurate. Perhaps only some of what I foresee will come to pass. But, if even only half of what I suspect we will see come to light it will be one hell of a ride over this next year. Massive financial fraud. Money laundering. Stock market manipulation. Conspiracy to…well, you get the idea.

Coincidentally, if my fortune telling proves correct, some shocks to the system should be right around the time this book comes out:

Counterfeit Collective is all about that fake society

So, we might all be too busy standing in bread lines to buy it, but hey—at least it will be out! That’s progress, right? I absolutely love what the artist did with the cover art concept I had. This country is a circus on the best of days, and really needs to grow up and become something better …like a Ren Faire or a Community College.

This project is a short volume of poetry exploring themes of illusion, delusion, lies, damned lies, statistics, nationalism, racism, denialism, all sorts of isms. Some of the poems have been published previously, others were written to fit the theme. It is about the masks our society wears to fool us into playing the game, the masks we wear into the carnival, how many of the games are rigged and all that goes along with that. Given how dark this year has been, I sometimes wish I had opted to go with the other theme I’m collecting poems for, which is much more spiritual, but here we are. That one will have to be next year if we live.

After the formatting is done and the ebook hits the market, there will be print copies eventually, but there is no firm date on that yet. Once I have sample copies, I may know more. Next month, if all goes well, I’ll be entering a contest in another genre, with at least one script. Next year I’ll have other things coming out in one form or another. It’s challenging trying to look past the train wrecks that are already here and those I think I see coming up, to focus on those things I want to bring into being. I’m sure everyone can relate to that on some level.

I hope you all stay safe and sane, and keep working towards a brighter future. I voted early this past week and dropped off our ballots at the usual official drop box location. This is the most important election of my lifetime. If you haven’t already, you need to go vote. It is well past time we had adults back in the rooms where national decisions are made.

Next time, I’ll update with where to find the book once it is published, what I’m working on currently, and what I hope to be doing in the future.

May the Force be with you. Always.

I can’t wait until 2020 is hindsight

I’d hoped to update before now, and to have something to share. Cover art is about to be created for my book, and everything is taking longer than it should. Some of this is my fault, the rest is circumstances.

Last year, I wrote about the perfect storm of perfect storms that was about to roll up on our shores, and honestly, even then I had thought it was “near future” not tomorrow that we would see the effects of climate change hitting. Then Australia was on fire at the beginning of the year and now the southwestern U.S. where I live is going the same way. There are nearly 100 major fires burning over here at this moment in time. Ice shelves have collapsed, it’s been one of the busiest hurricane seasons on record already, and fall and winter are going to be rougher than years past for many reasons aside from the once in a century pandemic.

When I last remembered to blog, it was not yet known how devastating this disease was, or how badly our current administration would handle it. It was back in late April/Early March when I expected to be doing some new things, and then my kids stayed home after spring break. They’re still at home. The school district here has been doing a fairly good job with online schooling, but we may have now reached a point where if they insist on requiring my girls to go on campus for any reason–even just testing–I’m going to have to withdraw them. It’s not as if what they’re proposing is safe right now–in Israel they are about to lock down AGAIN. Schools became a major vector for them after they rushed to reopen. You would think that school administrators and elected officials here would consider that and other examples around the world to be “teaching moments”, and respond accordingly, especially in states with high infection rates such as AZ. But, you might be wrong. We shall see.

On the writing front, I did receive good feedback from my editor on the poetry book, and that will be out in Q4 sometime. The revisions on the novel will take much more time. I’ve got no time table on that, I just want to get it right. Once the collection is out, I’ll be working on that, and there are a couple other projects I will be pitching for different media. It is hard to find motivation some days to work on these with everything else going on in the world, but the creative work does help with my depression.

I sincerely hope that all of you that read this stay healthy and safe throughout the rest of this dark year. Wear a damn mask. Do your part. Remember that we are all in this together.


I missed posting on palindrome day due to being busy. This date will have to do to satisfy my OCD. 🙂 It’s close enough I guess. Updates on the writing front: no new novel news. A collection of poems is forthcoming. Currently in editing. After that, one of the two short film scripts I wrote last year is due to be revised.

There are some new things on the horizon. In the next couple of months I’ll be in the studio for a podcast and a session zero of a roleplay campaign that is planned to be streamed on Twitch and possibly other platforms. That should be fun.

Other than those things, I’m just dealing with IRL stuff. Need to do taxes, and shift some investment strategies. We haven’t had a five year plan in more than five years, and we really need to be ready to move by the end of 2024. So…yeah. This is starting to loom large in my mind now.

Updates on when the collection comes out will be here and on whatever social platforms I’m still on by then.


Expect me when you see me.


Captain’s Log, Stardate 73181.5

Life on Earth is …intriguing. Sometime last year a source informed me and several others that 9/18/2019 would be the date that some disclosures would be made and it would be the “beginning of the end”. If you don’t know what situation I’m referring to, it doesn’t matter. What is interesting is how this individual and another keep calling out specific dates well in advance and with some specificity of just what is going to happen…and not being as wrong as your average meteorologist, or financial guru, or doomsday cultist, etc. In fact, it would be disturbing how often they are eerily correct in what they tell me if I wasn’t in a Zen state much of the time.

It is quite a time to be alive. We are about to the point where we will be forced to make an evolutionary leap. It’s just not climate change, and overshooting the real finite resources we have, it isn’t merely advances in technology that are changing entire industries, it is an almost perfect storm of perfect storms rolling up on the shores of our post-feudal societies. If you have never watched Drunk History, or Adam Ruins Everything, or read anything that makes you realize what a haphazard mock-up of a functional civilization we are living in…you may be shocked by what is coming in the next few years.

I won’t be, but I imagine that all those who are still trying to drag my country back to 1950s Mayberry will be. They are still all clinging to their previous industrial revolution fantasies while automation is about to replace whole segments of the workforce with Skynet.

They’re still arguing for manual labor jobs when we can 3D print entire houses right now. There are self driving trucks and cars on the road right now. There will only be more of them. Those particular trends are worth mentioning because not even the old trades will be safe. They are no longer needed. Now our so called society will get to grapple with reality on several fronts. We still have a consumer based economy, but so many more consumers are about to be consumed by progress. This is where it will begin to break down. The only way out is through.

I didn’t mean to write such a stark take on that, but here we are. Big changes are coming. We need to beam everyone up. I’ll let you all know whenever I have a concert or a reading in Ten Forward to lighten the mood. Til then, Live Long and Prosper.

Matters of Perspective

As the son of an artist, a parent of two creative kids, a student–and sometimes teacher–of martial arts, a trainer, and all the many other things I’ve had to be as a working class guy, I’ve seen a lot of different angles to the things that go on in our weird world. There are moments where I’m less patient than I might otherwise be because I’ve seen this all before. There are also many instances where I’ve been more patient than others around me because I’ve seen this all before.

My Dad was a painter, and every so often things would get better for the family when he sold a painting. When he wasn’t working on his art, he was usually working at least part time as a night auditor at different places. The short film script I wrote entitled “The Auditors” was at least partly inspired by this. Not so much as that it features much in the way of what he did, but it was the first time I heard the word, and it stuck with me. It is not a word I have heard often since, and this made it more memorable to me.

Recently, my daughters were discussing social media (they are both YouTubers) and they went into great detail about not only what content they wanted to create in the future, but all the other things that platform entails. They were seriously talking strategy for building their brands and growing their respective audiences. This led to a discussion of follower numbers on different platforms, and questions about why they differed so much. The same person or business could have a strong following on one social media, and get no traction on others. I have seen this firsthand, and it is hard to fathom. You can see social media engagement that doesn’t always translate into subscriptions, or ad revenue, or whatever you are hoping it will do. Some of my own projects did get their share of likes and click-throughs and all the usual things that are supposed to lead to Internet prosperity, and yet did not.

The amusing part of that discussion was where they asked what my highest follower number was on any platform, and then they declared that I was famous when I told them. It’s not even remotely the case, but from their perspective, it must seem that way. (They are teenagers, after all!) If you are measuring your followers in the dozens or hundreds, seeing a subscriber number over five digits has to seem like a lot. I tried explaining all the various reasons why it doesn’t mean much. There are indie writers I know that have hundreds of thousands…but then, they are also following nearly that many accounts themselves. It is a type of marketing approach for them, and doesn’t by itself make them well known. There are also many published authors with multiple bestsellers that have far fewer followers than that.

So these were some of the things I was contemplating when I was at a presentation this past week on the importance of branding for creative artists. As someone in the room asked “how many people do you know with fourteen million views on YouTube?” Well…I still don’t really know him, but now I’ve been in the same room with one guy who has. He had some excellent suggestions of course, and really knew his stuff on all the major social media sites. I’ll absolutely keep his advice in mind going forward.

To bring this full circle, some of my earliest memories are from when we lived in a ghost town in New Mexico. It was kind of like an artist’s commune in a way. There were several painters that I remember besides my Dad. For all of them, art was something done for it’s own sake. They didn’t have “careers” though they did most often have jobs while working on their art. Their influence is one of the reasons why I rarely place great importance on what society thinks. Art was what they lived for, making a living was just a necessity. Once I saw that society only wanted to pay them for their time rather than their art, and that all sorts of people within our culture were rigging things like a shell game, I was no longer interested in any part of the rat race. The sort of thinking that it produces led some publisher somewhere to declare Jack Kerouac as “unpublishable” which is laughable now, and should have been then. He is not my favorite poet, but only if you are thinking of everything as a commodity, and how you might market those commodities, and those thoughts are the absolute limit of what you can conceive of–could you possibly come to such a conclusion. There is a long line of rejected writers of various genres that went on to become bestsellers or outright legends later on, that attest to how wrong people can be when they are thinking with their business hats on.

Relating that back to the meeting, they always have an “introduce yourself” part of their events, and one of the attendees who mentioned making short films as far back as the 1970s, and as recently as a few years ago described himself as a “wanna-be”. Someone else chimed in that that’s better than a “has-been”. Most of the people in that room are creatives, and all of them just want to do their thing, whatever that is. There are writers, actors, directors, producers, cinematographers, musicians and composers, stunt people, grips, make up artists, and every other skilled position anyone would want on their squad. They all have different backgrounds, and differing levels of experience, but I would not call any of them a “wanna be”. Most of them that I’ve spoken with “wanna DO”. Most of them have done something, and would like to do more.

That is all there really is. People doing stuff. I’ve been backstage at all sorts of things: theatrical productions, grand openings, tournaments, demonstrations, banquets, auctions, a parade, and probably some other things I’m forgetting. I’ve never seen glamour anywhere. Attempts at appearing glamorous, definitely. Everything is a slightly different kind of show biz. The Internet hasn’t changed much of what is out there, it just amplifies some things. Often as artificially as any old school roadside attraction. Things still go bust. Hype still sells crap, or fails to. Same as it ever was.

So, when all is chaos around us, and the sky is falling once again after the latest app redesign, just try to focus on what you want to do. Some of us have seriously lived through the death of entire technologies. A new app GUI isn’t that bad. If it’s not dead yet, and you aren’t either, it’s all good as long as you have a goal you are working towards.

The Waiting Game

Hey. Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you’re all having a good day. Currently at the hacienda it is beautifully gloomy. We’re just playing the waiting game over here, both me as a writer, and my family as…just one of many that may be effected by a second government shut down.

It would be nice if we lived in a functioning society, but such is life. All of January, one of us went to work without pay until that issue was resolved. The other of us realized he had chosen a very bad time to switch certifications, because those too must be paid for. This process got delayed til after that whole debacle was resolved, but now I’m fully shifting gears in the day job dept. More on that later. One editor is reviewing some writing of mine, I’ve just received my first official rejection of 2019 from a literary journal, (so that’s out of the way now) and decisions on two more are pending.

We shall see what happens with those. I’ll be sharing more this year though, here on the blog and elsewhere as things develop. For this next two rounds of submissions I’m back to targeting some of the paying markets which are very competitive. Other journals are on my list because they either appear to be a good fit, or in some cases, they have asked me to submit some of my work.

So the more things change, the more they stay the same. Some of my poems and short fiction experiments will be appearing this year on Instagram, online journals, and other places. I’ll update here with where to find them as these show up. Other things I’m working on …stay tuned. 🙂

Good luck out there!

Happy Holidays!

Last night I was at a film group meeting at the Jewish Community Center in Tucson, and as it was the third night of Chanukah (Hanukkah) there were cookies and gelt after the event. It was nice. I brought a couple each back home for the girls. It reminded me to wish everyone Happy Holidays whatever you are celebrating this month. Here at our house, we are observing the usual Xmas celebrations with a fake Yule tree and lots of super hero and Star Wars ornaments. There are some Pagan and Buddhist elements also because we are non denominational like that. So the Solstice will be celebrated, but in a very open minded way.

The meeting itself was actually a networking event, which was fun but still involved speaking to people in a group setting. This is not my best event in the Human Olympics. It went as well as it could have I suppose. There are a couple of projects I’ll be looking for collaborators for in 2019, and it was a good first step.

On the writing front, two short film scripts I wrote this year are about to be evaluated by a consultant who judges for a major film festival, nearly two dozen poems are out on submission and a collection’s worth will be on their way to an editor after one last proofreading pass. The novel is nearly ready for its deep dive into the icy waters of the publishing world. Its BatDad is very proud.

At the halfway mark this month, we have a birthday, and then another teenager to deal with. After that is the Hallmark Xmas event, then the Generic Whitebread New Years. I’m almost done shopping. I think. Once into 2019, there is an anniversary, the real New Year (Chinese New Year!) and the last family birthday for a while. Then there will be few events aside from the projects I’m working on until the next Holidaze cycle.

I wish everyone the happiest of holiday seasons, and a very happy New Year! I’ll see you on the other side, hopefully with more frequent updates. MTFBWY.

May the 4th be with you

Greetings, citizens of the Galaxy.

There’s not much going on over here on Tatooine. Oh sure, there might be a droid army blockade going on somewhere, or an Imperial raid happening in some wretched hive of scum and villainy, but those things are far, far away.

I’m about to get back to work on the second draft of novel #2. It’s coming along slower than expected, but is going well. I’m happy with where the characters are taking it, even though they seem to be dragging it out a bit here and there. Editors may have words with them later, but that’s not my problem. Just a few minutes ago, I finished the script to another project that I’ll be working on after said novel gets submitted for their approval. Which is cool!

So tonight is more writing. Tomorrow there is boxing and an improv class, then the only things on my (planned) schedule are Thai fighting next weekend, and a ComicCon the weekend after that. If all goes well the rest of this month, and nothing unforeseen happens–this time–it should be fun. Which I’ll need, because the school system will also release the krakens around that time as well. For SUMMER. The ENTIRE summer. Yes, I agree. It is horrific.

If you don’t hear from me for a while, remember…the Force will be with you. Always.


Happy Holidays!

There. Now that I have formally declared War on Christmas, we can proceed.

This time of year is very nearly non stop holidays for me. Birthday, Thanksgiving, another Birthday, Christmas then New Years Day all within ten to twenty days of each other. There will be a brief respite in January before the anniversary, Valentine’s Day, and then another Birthday come around in February. So I’m a little distracted.

There are a little more than a dozen scenes left to write in my current work in progress. Most of those will be short late breaking news style developments as it rolls towards the conflagration at the end. The final chapter I’ve had in mind since the story idea first hit me. I remarked at some point on Twitter, that if I had any plot holes in the WIP, I could fill them with bullets, and it would work, because it’s noir!  But I believe every question gets answered by the end. I am hopeful that it may be finished by the end of the year, but I don’t do deadlines. I mostly do touchy-feely “is this right for the story?” style check-ins with my muses. Crazy, I know.

Some more of my poems will be published this spring. When that magazine comes out, I’ll have more details. Other poems are out on submission and we’ll see what happens with those. With response times being what they are, I might not know until mid 2018. It is a goal of mine to have the collection submitted next year. There are a few presses I’ve looked into so far, but no decision has been made on that just yet. That too, will lead to more waiting. Everything always takes longer than I expect. Just the way it goes.

One fun thing we were able to do during this Holidaze season, was right after my favorite holiday (Halloween) we got to go to Tucson Comic Con, and it was on the same weekend as the Day of the Dead. So…comics and getting to see the All Souls Procession for the first time! It was the perfect weekend.

I love everything about ComicCon. The comics, the people who like them, the awesome artist’s booths that are always there, the cosplayers, you name it. The celebrity guests are cool too. This year I actually did a photo op for the first time, because it was Gates McFadden! of Star Trek: The Next Generation. In previous years, I’ve attended signings by some of my favorites like Ray Park and Nichelle Nichols, but had never taken part in one of the photo ops. So that was a bit of a different experience. She’s a nice lady. It was a much more brief interaction than the signings, once they verify that the image the photographer has taken is good, they have to move on to the next person in line. When I met Ray Park at the El Paso SciFiCon signing, we had time to chat about martial arts while he was signing my Snake Eyes print. While we were talking, I asked him about the Sleepy Hollow promotional posters he had at his table, and confessed that I had no idea he was in it. He confirmed that he was the Headless Horseman for the fight scenes, and signed one of those for me as well! Which was awesome and unexpected. He’s just a really nice guy. I mention this for a couple of reasons: one, I have been very fortunate in all the interactions I have had as a fan with actors, rock stars, and athletes. All of them have been very kind and approachable. Also, the other personal highlight of this comic con for me, related to fight scenes as well.

Just like that earlier convention, when I randomly one day picked up a copy of What’s Up magazine at a convenience store a few days before the event and the wind blew it open to the page where the first words I read were El Paso SciFi Convention, and the second thing I saw was the name Ray Park. Naturally, my first thought was Ray Park!? I. Am. There. The Force was with me. It knew I’d want to meet Ray, so it made sure that happened. I had the same feeling of serendipity when I saw this on the Tucson ComicCon schedule: The Fundamentals of Fight Scenes.  

If I had come for no other reason, it would have been perfect timing. That other project that I have sometimes mentioned in passing, will involve a lot of fight scenes. While I have (albeit around twenty years ago) taken acting classes, and even an acting for TV and Film class specifically, and I’ve been involved in numerous martial arts demonstrations over the years, both in Kung Fu and Capoeira–I had never actually worked on a choreographed fight sequence for stage or film. Sure, back when I was studying and teaching martial arts actively, we goofed off and recreated some of our favorite Kung Fu movie moments, or made up new ones to entertain ourselves–but that was just for fun.

As that workshop showed me, (it was much more of a workshop, than a panel) staging that kind of choreography to entertain other people–whether that is from the camera’s perspective, or that of where a live audience will be–is very different. There are distances and angles at which our depth perception fails us, and we will totally believe what we are seeing from our perspective. There is an art to it that is just as intricate and challenging as full contact sparring, but the distancing and timing are very different for obvious reasons. This panel answered some of the questions I was planning on asking some of my old Kung Fu and Wushu teachers about, and gave me a very good idea of how I need to be working on things as I develop this project.

After all that, the awesome comics I got (including some Snake Eyes, the Falcon mini series, a cool issue of Marvel team up with the Sons of the Tiger, and the Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #19 featuring the very first appearance of the original White Tiger!), we walked down to see the All Souls Procession which was quite an experience. Even with the sullen teen and angsty tween pestering us to just go home already.

So…that was Nov. 3-5th. Meant to write about it earlier, but stuff keeps happening. Now I’m shopping for things for two weeks from now and two weeks after that, and then a month and a half after that. Oh, and everything else I have to do. If you don’t hear from me til oh…somewhere around February 27th or so, it’s the holidaze.