Captain’s Log, Stardate 73181.5

Life on Earth is …intriguing. Sometime last year a source informed me and several others that 9/18/2019 would be the date that some disclosures would be made and it would be the “beginning of the end”. If you don’t know what situation I’m referring to, it doesn’t matter. What is interesting is how this individual and another keep calling out specific dates well in advance and with some specificity of just what is going to happen…and not being as wrong as your average meteorologist, or financial guru, or doomsday cultist, etc. In fact, it would be disturbing how often they are eerily correct in what they tell me if I wasn’t in a Zen state much of the time.

It is quite a time to be alive. We are about to the point where we will be forced to make an evolutionary leap. It’s just not climate change, and overshooting the real finite resources we have, it isn’t merely advances in technology that are changing entire industries, it is an almost perfect storm of perfect storms rolling up on the shores of our post-feudal societies. If you have never watched Drunk History, or Adam Ruins Everything, or read anything that makes you realize what a haphazard mock-up of a functional civilization we are living in…you may be shocked by what is coming in the next few years.

I won’t be, but I imagine that all those who are still trying to drag my country back to 1950s Mayberry will be. They are still all clinging to their previous industrial revolution fantasies while automation is about to replace whole segments of the workforce with Skynet.

They’re still arguing for manual labor jobs when we can 3D print entire houses right now. There are self driving trucks and cars on the road right now. There will only be more of them. Those particular trends are worth mentioning because not even the old trades will be safe. They are no longer needed. Now our so called society will get to grapple with reality on several fronts. We still have a consumer based economy, but so many more consumers are about to be consumed by progress. This is where it will begin to break down. The only way out is through.

I didn’t mean to write such a stark take on that, but here we are. Big changes are coming. We need to beam everyone up. I’ll let you all know whenever I have a concert or a reading in Ten Forward to lighten the mood. Til then, Live Long and Prosper.