Y’all need to get right with ZEN

We are almost to the Point of No Return.

I’ve actually been looking forward to it because so many of the people I know are so completely full of shit, and so deeply in denial that I may be in danger of overdosing on Schadenfreude whenever the scales finally fall from their eyes.

Some of the truth will come out in court, some in the congressional investigations, but all of the bills are about to come due.

I remarked at some point in 2020 that the cops abusing their authority during the BLM protests brought guns, tear gas, and rubber bullets to a live streaming camera fight. A lot of people in law enforcement and politics badly underestimated what they were dealing with. There were sound reasons that we saw a Wall of Vets, and the Wall of Moms standing between the protesters and the police. I watched as many of those streams as I could. We saw plenty of attempts by various individuals to lie on Faux News about was actually happening…but we have video! We can just roll the tape. Many of those cases are coming up as well.

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve had a series of disturbing conversations with several people. They still don’t get it. All of them can believe whatever they want, but their belief doesn’t make it truth. Courts don’t run on rhetoric, they run on evidence. Lawyers that took part in the alleged election fraud lawsuits have already been sanctioned by the courts for their lack of professionalism. When you allege fraud you have to present evidentiary support for whatever fraud you are claiming took place. If you don’t have any, you get thrown out of court. If you ignore the warnings of the court, and continue trying to bullshit your way through the same case sixty different times, you will then get disciplined by the courts or the bar association, or both.

This year and probably next we’ll have weirdly mirror image court cases involving protests and assaults. Assaults by police on citizens, and by citizens on police. Some of our finest hack politicians will attempt to conflate things, as if property damage at a protest is somehow morally equivalent to attempting to overthrow your government. This is America. We sometimes burn things down celebrating Sportsball championship victories. Trying to gin up outrage by saying “Remember the Portland CVS” is not going to cut it here. A mob of White Walkers smashed up the capitol and killed four people. They were trying to stop the electoral vote count. Don’t try to pretend they weren’t. They openly said what they were there to do. Lying about it now won’t work. The court of public opinion won’t be deciding any damn thing here. All of these matters will get settled one way or another in really real for realsies court.

What I’ve noticed over this past year, is that a lot of people are having trouble adapting to change. We don’t have a choice. The cameras we have everywhere are the most obvious example of technology that is shifting everything in the landscape of our culture. This is why so many Karens have gotten their comeuppance whenever they tried to pull their usual bullshit in public. We can all Go Live! right now. You can go viral, or you can fucking behave like everyone else.

If that kind of instant accountability troubles you, you might be on the wrong side of history.

You might be perpetuating some antiquated attitudes in some aspect of your life. Most of us do. It can’t be helped if you and I were raised in a different time, but our future behavior can be helped. If we can change with the times. Our circle of friends will be wider if we include other cultures and different outlooks.

Those disturbing conversations I mentioned…they are all with or about people who are having trouble adapting to changes. I’ve mentioned before that I deleted Facebook years ago, and also unfollowed most of my family, in-laws, and many friends on Twitter and other places. Some of them morphed over the years into Angry old Men (and Women!) Yelling at Clouds online. It was all some of them did, all day every day on every platform they were on. This social media thing also is new. It has had an effect on how we perceive the world. How we relate to it and each other. Some of us have developed an addiction to the rage machine part of the world wide web.

So there we were, trying to have nice, pleasant conversations about wine, what the kids were up to, the weather, what some other friends were up to, how is everyone doing, etc., when we ran right into a neighbor raging over an Olympian, a family member decrying “wokeness” and a mutual acquaintance who may have gone completely Qwazy… there was also a little light transphobia and homophobia in the mix there somewhere. (There is too much, I am summing up). Some of these angry comments came right out of the blue, some were their usual rantings, and some were just quick changes of the subject of conversation maybe because they just can’t help themselves.

Nobody gained anything from any of that. It was mostly just annoying.

I’ve already spent too much time on this. I’ve got to go and take care of things in the real world. But before I do I just want to make note of a few other things.

It may be that some of my friends and family members just lack some experiences in life that might have prepared them for the more modern world we are heading towards. I mentioned back in 2019 that we now have some technology that is game-changing. It is starting to remake our world right now.

We have 3D printed houses now. Some print in place, and depending on the size/complexity of the floor plan they can print in as little as 24 hours.

We have 3D printed cars now.

We have AI driven trucks now.

We have robots that can stock shelves now.

We have cashierless stores now.

We have robocops patrolling streets now. (also robo-K9s)

The last cool looking prototype robot I saw was a crop harvesting machine.

So, while you all have been wasting your time with your bullshit culture wars, the next industrial revolution is upon you.

The folks who have only been telling you what you want to hear are going to have an increasingly smaller pool of working class people to pander to.

What comes next is going to be interesting.

We will have to make that evolutionary leap very soon now.

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